Darlings, It’s Been Too Long


I don’t know what happened, but I’ve REALLY neglected the Flying Kiwi lately. (“Lately”). Mi dispiac, gente!
To ease your pain, listen to some Dylan LeBlanc. An artist who, to my joy, is nearly two whole years older than I am, (let’s not mention the fact that he started being awesome publicly before he turned 22).

Also, today I saw the most beautiful young man ever. He was GORGEOUS. And I don’t mean he was sort of attractive, or pretty handsome, or anything like that. No, I mean he was absolutely, perfectly, astonishingly beautiful. Only for one moment, ever so fleeting, did I lay eyes on him, but WOAH BOY. Can’t believe I didn’t stop him and demand a photograph and/or his name. Sigh. Talk about missed chances and regrets, man.


Music Is All We Need


Fleeting Dreams Of Leighton


Leighton Meester! Yay. I loved Blair (team Blair ftw!) on Gossip Girl – which I don’t think is a brilliant show, but I thoroughly enjoyed it regardless – and I was quite excited for her music career way back when, except it was all kind of shit… So you can see how this cover would make me happy 🙂
Their voices are really great together, too.

Total Eclipse Of The Not-So Guilty Pleasure


As a reader/follower of this blog, you should know that Total Eclipse of the Heart is my all-time favourite bellow-along/guilty pleasure/80’s vibe awesome. Clearly, covering it and bringing it renewed attention is a good thing, hence the good-thingness of this particular cover by Sleeping At Last. I don’t like that he (they?) changed the lyrics, but I’ll forgive it.

Kiss At First Awkward


This is so cute, even though they all feel super awkward and then (mostly) just go for it, (like… go for it, though, wow) and I’m just sitting here all by myself (enjoying the sun, not doing my homework). Pretty awesome that all these people agreed to do this though, yay for trust!

Also funny to notice that this is being shared on Facebook a LOT 🙂

Oh, and tell me if I’m wrong, but the one actress, she’s not into it – sad! Contrast that with the girl with the braid and the guy with the beanie, ha. She’s practically undressing herself, by kissing. Great video.