Ezra Is A Four Letter Word

Only just heard George Ezra (whom I sadly did not see live yesterday, *tears*)’s cover of Counting Stars, and I like. I like, therefore I share.

The man himself. ©Robert Blackham

The man himself.
©Robert Blackham

George Ezra is the shit right now.

Also, he is 1,5 years younger than I am, which – naturally – makes me feel unaccomplished and old and omg people that I think are awesome are now starting to be younger than me, what’s the world come to?


All You Ever Did Was Sing

Click here first because this stupid video won’t embed 😦

It is no secret that I – after years of strongly, intensly disliking Miley Cyrus – am growing soft and weak and succumbing to her music, i.e. liking this song a lot. I’m almost at the point where I’m not even ashamed of that anymore. Luckily, there’s this wonderful, wonderful cover by Douwe Bob, which is great and which I can listen to without feeling bad. Still prefer the original though, I think.

While writing this, I’m being tormented by our cute new kittykat (or psycho-kitty, judging from his tail-chasing and generally crazy behaviour this evening), Jelle. He’s adorable, at 4,5 months, but also one ball of fluffy energy. Plus, disGUSTING farter. Eww. Still cutest thing ever. Right now he’s going berserk chasing his tail all over the couch. It’s kind of great.