Fleeting Dreams Of Leighton


Leighton Meester! Yay. I loved Blair (team Blair ftw!) on Gossip Girl – which I don’t think is a brilliant show, but I thoroughly enjoyed it regardless – and I was quite excited for her music career way back when, except it was all kind of shit… So you can see how this cover would make me happy 🙂
Their voices are really great together, too.


Dreams And Games

I’m not sure that I haven’t already written a post about how fabulous dreams are, (rather, I’m quite sure I have, one way or another), but it’s only an excuse to tell you about the dream I had this morning anyway.

As I started watching Game of Thrones – which of course I like, I’ve also bought the first book now – it would only make sense that I dreamt about meeting George R. R. Martin. I’m not quite sure what the meeting was for, but it was something other than GoT, because I oly remembered after a while to ask him for an autograph because I loved his work. (Hadn’t yet read the book in my dream either, I’m such a liar). He was very nice – is that true to life at all, or was it just because it’s me? – and didn’t even grow impatient when it turned out every piece of paper I could find in my bag, I’d already written or drawn on. Personally, I felt that was very frustrating, but he was very cool about it. Nothing much happened after that, or I don’t remember.

In any case, it was all very cool, ’cause there I was, such a newby fan and already chatting with him so very casually. Quite proud of my dreams, really.

i just watched episode 8 (of season 1) last night, so the going’s quite slow. Hour-long episodes really take a while, don’t they? Sadly, I’m a big fan of series’ wikis, so I already know what happens to pretty much every major character up till season 3… Only globally, but still. At least with books I never do that, sigh. Although… I could save myself the time it takes to read 5 Wheel of Time books and just look it all up online. Those wikis really are pretty extensive…

Oh, How I Love Sleep,

My life has a tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?

– E. M. Hemingway

While Mr. Hemingway – and many of his relatives – struggled with all sorts of problems throughout especially his later years, which would definitely qualify for being the reason for his feeling like his life fell apart during the day, he has a point. Sleeping is great.

Not only do we need sleep, to the point where we die if we go too long without, it’s also fun, one of the most comfortable things ever, and OUTRAGEOUSLY AWESOME. Our brain is constantly active, no less during sleep than when we are awake, and that’s what allows us to dream. Dreaming is fantastic. It’s crazy, it’s wonderful, it’s sad, it’s ecstatic, it’s everything in life and more, because there are werewolves and dragons and fairies, and most of all, there’s flying. If you’ve ever had a flying dream, you’ll know the misery of waking up to find your powers gone, left behind someplace that you don’t know how to get to, unless by chance.

Maybe that’s what Ernest was talking about.

Before I Die, I Want To…?

Do stuff. I just don’t know what quite yet. That’s where you come in: What do you want to do, accomplish, achieve, see, feel, experience, inspire, or enjoy, before you die? I’d love to hear. Like, a lot. Spark some thoughts for my own to do list 🙂