Ezra Is A Four Letter Word

Only just heard George Ezra (whom I sadly did not see live yesterday, *tears*)’s cover of Counting Stars, and I like. I like, therefore I share.

The man himself. ©Robert Blackham

The man himself.
©Robert Blackham

George Ezra is the shit right now.

Also, he is 1,5 years younger than I am, which – naturally – makes me feel unaccomplished and old and omg people that I think are awesome are now starting to be younger than me, what’s the world come to?


Fleeting Dreams Of Leighton


Leighton Meester! Yay. I loved Blair (team Blair ftw!) on Gossip Girl – which I don’t think is a brilliant show, but I thoroughly enjoyed it regardless – and I was quite excited for her music career way back when, except it was all kind of shit… So you can see how this cover would make me happy 🙂
Their voices are really great together, too.

Total Eclipse Of The Not-So Guilty Pleasure


As a reader/follower of this blog, you should know that Total Eclipse of the Heart is my all-time favourite bellow-along/guilty pleasure/80’s vibe awesome. Clearly, covering it and bringing it renewed attention is a good thing, hence the good-thingness of this particular cover by Sleeping At Last. I don’t like that he (they?) changed the lyrics, but I’ll forgive it.

Teardrop Because I’m Happy


We all know that any mashup with Teardrop by Massive Attack is bound to be good, and this cover up (HA HA) totally is! Go Foxes, four for you. Or two, but two’s my lucky number so you’re all good 🙂

Also, fun fact: The other day a friend of mine referred to Pharrell as Will Pharrell. TEEHEE :’)

Sugar Sugar, Sing Me A Song


I have to admit I haven’t yet seen Blue Valentine (or Drive, for that matter… I’m really behind on my Gosling-intake), so I wasn’t familiar with the original, which is cool but not as wonderfully easy on the ears as this lovely cover by Sucre. I love how they have managed to capture the vintage feel, albeit in a completely different (i.e. “white”, basically) way. I approve 🙂