Guerrilla Fun

Life is more fun if you play games  –Roald Dahl

Because I believe this is true, and because “games” is a very broadly interpretable concept, I created Guerrilla Fun.


What led me to start this second blog, a little while after Flying Kiwi, was a simple Google fail. You see, I thought that googling “guerrilla fun” would supply me with a mind-numbing number of ideas for spreading joy and smiles in easy, fun ways. Like guerrilla gardening, yarnbombing, or the well-known, “take a smile” notes. They’re so simple, yet so fun. And I was sure there’d be more ways, and Google would be my friend, and help me find all those other ways.


So what do you do when Google lets you down? When life gives you lemons, you give lemons life! Lemonstein!

Or… you know, you create a blog to compile all the guerrilla fun that is, undoubtedly, out there in one place. So please, go forth and spread the smiles.


Recent Posts

Darlings, It’s Been Too Long


I don’t know what happened, but I’ve REALLY neglected the Flying Kiwi lately. (“Lately”). Mi dispiac, gente!
To ease your pain, listen to some Dylan LeBlanc. An artist who, to my joy, is nearly two whole years older than I am, (let’s not mention the fact that he started being awesome publicly before he turned 22).

Also, today I saw the most beautiful young man ever. He was GORGEOUS. And I don’t mean he was sort of attractive, or pretty handsome, or anything like that. No, I mean he was absolutely, perfectly, astonishingly beautiful. Only for one moment, ever so fleeting, did I lay eyes on him, but WOAH BOY. Can’t believe I didn’t stop him and demand a photograph and/or his name. Sigh. Talk about missed chances and regrets, man.

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