Kiss At First Awkward


This is so cute, even though they all feel super awkward and then (mostly) just go for it, (like… go for it, though, wow) and I’m just sitting here all by myself (enjoying the sun, not doing my homework). Pretty awesome that all these people agreed to do this though, yay for trust!

Also funny to notice that this is being shared on Facebook a LOT 🙂

Oh, and tell me if I’m wrong, but the one actress, she’s not into it – sad! Contrast that with the girl with the braid and the guy with the beanie, ha. She’s practically undressing herself, by kissing. Great video.


You Are Fabulous.



Tell Me Where The Sky Is Blue 4Ever


I should be working on an assignment that was due 2 days ago right now, so just listen to this without me explaining why or how.

Hombro (And The Sleep Drunk)

Haha! Totally came up with a new bro-word just now. Or maybe it’s not new, but googling it only gives Spanish hits, so Imma assume it’s new.


Hombre-o. Hom-bro. Get it?  Because bros are men? And hombre is man? (And apparently hombro is shoulder, google translate just taught me… which is actually kind of awesomely appropriate because bros are like shoulders. People to lean on, to slap, to stand on, to ram with. I’m a genius). Oh, and it’s also sort of derived from homeboys.

You see, I went homies, homeboys, homizzles (err…?), hombros (this was all whatsapp conversation, the group consisting of strictly girls). So really, hombros = homies + hombres + bros = BOOM *mind blown*.

Also, while I might as well be, I’m not drunk. This stuff occurs naturally in me, as I hope – know – it does in others out there. Maybe you are one of them. In that case, I salute you. I bump my fist to my chest twice in rapid succession, followed by a peace sign in your general direction. A peace sign as in two fingers in a V-shape, more specifically your index and middle finger (or FU-finger, as I used to call it in my head, and maybe still do but I can’t be sure now ’cause I’m thinking about it too much).

Aaaaanyway, I’m not drunk, but I am maybe a little sleep drunk. Or… non-sleep drunk. As in, sleepy. Yes, that’s it. I’m sleepy. My thinking’s going both (haha, wrote bost!) super fast and reeeaaally slow.

Off to bed now, sleep well! Tally-ho! (that’s, as Wikipedia tells me, not correct usage of the term per se, but I like it, feel like using it, and… therefore will. I am ever the rebel).

Edit: One post away from 200!

Some Stuff For Some Day Like This

xkcd is wonderful, and this one is… kind of heartbreaking and super funny and a lot of what’s so good about the comics.

Anyway, this is just a bit of random stuff I found lying around the web which I thought was nice for a random day like today. There’s Nokia!

Listen to this

while looking at this visual history of Nokia phones. They’ll always have a special place in my heart. Especially the first, original tune. None of the ones after quite matched its simple brilliance. Maybe because they became increasingly non-simple… The same goes for snake. How I loved playing the old school no bullshit snake (on my parents’ 6210s actually, we didn’t do the 3210 or 3310. I did own a somewhat newer model at some point but I don’t remember what that was called… sad).

This incredibly interesting/shocking/depressing/crazy article about a Dartmouth frat guy and the hazing that goes on there. I know it’s only one guy, although he has some backup, and it’s good to read the comments, too, but nonetheless it’s a very intriguing read.

Finally, some upbeat music to lift your mood that I came across a while ago and did nothing with so far 😀