YOLST, And Other Sunday Afternoon Procrastination Material

You only live seven times, keep it in mind.

Pixar rules, here’s their rules.

The Killer’s release new video/song, joy abounds:

This house is awe-onderful.

Very pretty pictures of abandonment (of things, not people).

More incredible pictures of self-portraits that kick some hyper-realistic ass, by Eloy Morales:

© Eloy Morales

And that’s all! Enjoy the last hours of Sunday and kick some hyper-realistic ass yourself coming week 🙂


Because We Like Pretty Things

I’ve decided to give up on the whole ‘weekly roundup’ thing, because most of the time it felt burdensome and made me not want to share all kinds of cool things with you because it would take too much work. Then when I did make the post, I couldn’t be arsed to properly spend time on them, so they were all kind of… unappealing, probably.

Anyway, I’ve now taken up the habit, sort of, of just throwing stuff at you right when I come across it, which is what I’ll be doing now. Today is a good day, with lots of fun stuff to throw at you.

First of all, there’s this… poem, I suppose, by Julian Barnes, whom I think is wonderful, which is quite lovely and sad-ish. At some point it loses its charm a little – it drags on a bit too much – but it’s still worthwhile, and it’s not very long. It’s about funerals, more or less.

Then there’s this song, which is also lovely, so this post is coming together quite nicely matched, and I do enjoy matching.


Zen Pencils is very cool and definitely worth checking out if you’re at all into comics and cool things and awesome, which you probably are because that’s why you’re here… I guess? Either way, the below comic is great and inspiring and inspired by Bill Watterson, the Brilliant Mind that created Calvin & Hobbes. Many good things coming together here.


Aaand… that’s it! I did come across the video about the 96-yo guy who wrote a song about his wife that was turned into an actual song, but I didn’t think it sounded that great, and En Puntas was just weird, basically. I was hoping she’d actually start dancing, but I guess scratching a grand piano is enough for them. So, not sharing those. Ha.

Also, I have decided to become a children’s literature author. I think I’d be quite good at that, plus I have awesome friends to help me out. So, be on the lookout for Brammetje het Rommeltjesmonster // Jesse the Messy Monster.

Catching Up For Weeks

So, I’ve been somewhat MIA for the past… two months or so. I’m rather ashamed to admit it, but then there’s no denying when I’m talking about (on?) a public blog. Otherwise, you’d have never found out. Ha ha! Anyway. Here’s some recent (and less recent) cool stuff I’ve come across. Listen to this while checking it all out, (starts at 0:32).

I’ve decided to do things a little differently this time, sorting everything by category. That way, all of you can skip all the houses stuff, which I’m pretty sure I’m sharing only for my own benefit. Sadly, there’s LOTS OF IT this week 😀

Houses, Homes, and other Domestic Stuff:

© Toby Scott / The Design Files

  • The wonderful crazy that is Palazzo Chupi
  • This amazing, IwantIwantIwant-esque home (see picture above)
  • Urghlblublbl, I want a house like this, (also I want to visit Morocco sometime). Love the colours and everything and sigh.
  • I want a suspended bedroom too! This whole apartment is so fluffy I’m gonna DIE, (not literally, but it’s pretty awesome).
  • Hank bought a bus and is doing some incredible stuff with it. Why am I not that cool/creative/industrious/inventive?

Photography and Film:

  • This has been making it’s way around the internet the past few days, but if you haven’t seen it, have a look at these 20 old school, now-coloured, photos.
  • Okay, so this one’s pretty old by now, but you can rewatch it again and again and again, that’s how great it is. First tastes, yikes!

Advice On Life, the Universe, and Everything (for those in their 20s):

  • Some things to do. Very short and to the point. (Be a pirate)

Random Fantastic Superhero and Tattoo Stuff:

Musica, Maestro!

  • I love the Beatles, and though covers of their songs are per definition not as good as the originals, I adore the idea of this. Covers are a constant source of joy, one way or another.

Okay, that’s all! Hope you’ve had a great weekend and a wonderful week coming up 🙂

Finally, I discovered this song by Lincoln Durham just now, thanks to Music Gets By Me – the video alone is worth watching:

What Did Your Week Do?

Yes, I did actually skip a week last week, but to make up for it, the first two hee are from last week.

I’m not really sure how that makes up for it, but it does.

The last… three weeks-ish have been quite hectic for me. There was finals week, of course, but also my thesis that I had to hand in (and present on yesterday, ugh), as well as some stress regarding finally applying for Master’s programmes (you’ll be happy to know that I did apply, to Creative Writing at the University of Kent, and Applied Ethics here in Utrecht). All in all, you can imagine it was a bit crazy, especially with my mom gone off on a holiday and then my dad too and having to babysit my sister AND having to cram in some fun there. Safe to say, I didn’t have the peace of mind to sit down and properly give this blog (i.e. you) the attention it deserves.

No matter, ‘t is all done now and I have loads of free time, so I should be able to fit in some blogging somewhere. Although my summer term bucket list is quite lengthy, almost like another course.

Plus, coming Friday, I’m officially graduating! As in, we have our commencement ceremony! Woah. Never thought I’d live to see that day. Sadly, I’m not Valedictorian, though, which is a bit of a lifelong dream of mine. It’s just that when it comes to me and dreams I’m not too keen on working very hard to make them come true. Oh well! It’s nice to think that I would do a splendid job if I’d been chosen.(I do think I would, you see).

Anyway, long introduction short, here’s some cool things to brighten up a pretty bright Sunday afternoon in June.

I also went to a Tom Odell concert, by the way, but more on that later!

First of all, words. Awesome, ye olde words. My favourite is resistentialism.

Isn’t this just swell?

This scyscraper is pretty nifty.

I basically think all of Jared Lim’s work is amazing.

How are these not fabulous?

© Youngwon Kim (click for more)

This is… almost beyond words. Tree houses ftw!

This paper art is both awe-inspiring, and raises the question… how? Why?

Art on toast. Yes. Hell yeah.

© Ida Frosk

Finally, what more can we want when we have chocolate?

Have a good new week!

Where This Week Wandered

How is life not awesome, when things like this exist:


Incidentally, I also finally, finally tried a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. It was… okay. Not as great as movies, etc. make them seem, but not bad. Much better than peanut butter with chocolate sprinkles in any case.

Lots of photography this week, starting with a week of groceries around the world.

More Etsy-awesome, in the form of this skateboard picnic table by IndiePopShop.


Above is only one example of all the awesome things fifty street artists did with an abandoned Parisian nightclub. I love street art, so this is absolutely great. (Putting this in here especially for those of you who aren’t/don’t follow me on Tumblr – you should if you can!)

A fascinating, and funny, look into what it’s like to be depressed (using cartoons).

More photography; incredible nature vs. landscape shots this time.

Green Box – click for more cool

Sculptures, inside TVs. Preeeeeetty neat.

Etsy was really great this week:

©Ryan Sheffield

It seems 5-year-old daughters make great models.

Some more art, paintings by Mark Demsteaderthis time. I’d love to get one of those, particularly the first one – shame they’re a little pricey.

James Gulliver Hancock makes really awesome illustrations (and some cool sculptures, and… cool everything, basically).

Finally, coffee cup art. Yes.

That’s it again! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a good next week 🙂