Her Neighbours, They Tell Secrets/A.A. Bondy sounds like…


I can’t quite pinpoint whom he reminds me of, but isn’t this a wonderful song? Lovely easy-listening. Found him through Spotify, (‘You listened to…’), which is one of the first times I both did not know their suggestion already AND actually liked it. Go Spotty!
I’m muchas frustrated by not knowing what I’m reminded of, though. Bah. Also, Edward Sharpe &…’s song in the August: Osage County is rad. Heard it in the trailer yesterday, when we saw it as a preview before Philomena. (There was a lot of confusion in me just now about whether or not it was him or not, ’cause the song is not on the soundtrack so I got confused and then internet told me it was the Lumineers but not, but Stubborn Love is also great, but what, but I don’t understand! but no, I was right after all. Pfew. I don’t like when they use songs in the trailer that aren’t in the movie. So disappointing. Cue No Church in the Wild not being in The Great Gatsby). Philomena was really great. I’ve loved Steve Coogan since I saw 24 Hour Party People, which I also recommend, and of course Judi Dench is brilliant. All-round wonderful film 🙂

Edit: ¡Of course I know what this reminds me of, Damien Jurado! (Who’s just released a new album I still need to listen to). They sound remarkably similar, I think, although it seems neither Spotify, nor Deezer agree with me. Silly nincompoops. There’s still someone else in there, too, though, but I still can’t quite get a grasp on my thoughts there. To be continued…


I Need To Know Now


Friends are great. Friends with good taste are greater. Friends who share their good taste are the greatest. Simple.
The end of this video is a bit… abrupt, by the way.