Like A Dog At The Shrine Of Your Lies


This song is amazing. It’s by far the best new song I’ve heard in a while, and I’m really loving Hozier right now (as of yesterday…). Also, great name. As I was singing his praise today, someone asked if this was a Maroccon rapper. It’s brilliant that a) this person (someone I study with) thinks I listen to rap, and b) that Hozier is a Maroccon name (it might be, I guess? He’s Irish, though). Anyway, go forth and listen to his music. And while you’re at it, you can download his EP (Take me to church) for free! Best thing about it, THERE ARE LYRICS. A PDF of the lyrics “booklet” is included. Now that is what I call supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Basically, all of this is all good.

Also great, how he casual uses the video for this song to ask for attention for LGBT violence and intolerance.


I Am That I Am


I’ve liked Phosphorescent ever since I first heard Song for Zula, so when a friend recommended this cover of the Vampire Weekend (also cool, Walcott!), of course I was supah curious. I’d never heard the original, but I like both this and that, so look that up, too 🙂

Kings And Queens And Covers Of Music


As y’all know by now, I’m really big on covers, (particularly the good ones, like this one, and NOT like this one). Anyway, a friend just posted this on my Facebook wall, and I like. It’s sad that the instruments are so loud compared to the vocals, but alas. KoL can do very little wrong with me. At least, they can’t when the cover itself is cool. Robyn’s original is also pretty cool, but then she’s pretty cool herself so it all figures.

If you like cover songs yourself, be sure to check out BBC1 Radio (Live Lounge), because they have pretty brilliant stuff a lot of the time. Such as this wonderful, wonderful mashup Bastille did of Locked out of Heaven that I adore. Sadly, of course, they are also responsible for the Ellie Goulding horror – can’t always hit a home run, I suppose.

Actually, now that I’m checking out some of the recent stuff, there’s quite a lot of crap there. Particularly the QOTSA cover of Blurred Lines is terribly disappointing. I expected Ultimate Awesome and this was snooze-worthy and stupid. Oh well…

I Hate Ellie, Here’s Ezra

The title consists of two parts that have nothing to do with each other. The first is about my dislike for Ellie Goulding. UGH. Let me sum it up to you by copy-pasting an excerpt (haha, excerpt) from a conversation I recently had with a friend who does like her (oh, the horror). I was referring to her butchering of Mirrors (as in, the JT song, which is fabulous).

Nope, have to admit, Ellie Goulding annoys me SO MUCH
Her voice is just ugh
Weird and annoying and sortof nasal and sortof to vibrato and blegh
All the things I do not like about her
Anyway, indeed. But yes, in case you were wondering, that link does lead you to her cover of Mirrors. I do not recommend it. But then again I do, because it sums up all the bad about her.
(I have to admit, there are maybe one or two songs she’s done that I can stand and actually quite enjoy, but I guess they’re not at all her style and I can’t remember which they are. Maybe latah).
Anyway-anyway, what I did want you to listen to, courtesy of the same friend, is George Ezra’s Budapest:
You can download it for nuthin’ for… I’m not sure how long.
It really reminds me of something, but I can’t quite pinpoint what it is right now… I’m thinking maybe Douwe Bob (who is Dutch), but that’s not it, not really. Maybe DB meets his bro Michael Prins. I’m not sure. Anyway, enjoy listening (and sorry for the potential ear-bleeding at the awful that is Ellie).

All The Things!


All The Things!

Yesterday’s MS MR concert at Bitterzoet in Amsterdam was pretty awesome! It was sadly quite short (under an hour…), but it was great while it lasted 🙂 Afterwards, we had crepes – life really doesn’t get much better than that. (Actually, I had a crepe – with nutella&strawberry, yumm – my friend had a waffle).

Also, I updated the about page! No major changes, but if you’re interested in my academic life, it’s all there 😉