Promises Of London Sunshine


Promises Of London Sunshine

Darlings, it’s been much too long since I posted something proper, with actual writing instead of some fluff around an arguably amazing song. Alas, today is not the day that this will change. Tears.

Anyway. Last week was a busy week for me, with two concerts on top of my regular goings on. Both were great, though. First, on Monday, there was London Grammar, who were supported by Bipolar Sunshine (see the song below, which I’ve been listening to quite obsessively). The picture is about the only photo I took that’s worth anything. I just got a new camera that is slightly better than your average cheap-ish camera, but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of all the settings. Should work on that before the Bastille concert that I’m going to coming Wednesday (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! SO looking forward to that :).

The second concert was on Friday, a Dutch act called Blaudzun (singer/songwriter-ish, except Blaudzun is backed by a rather large-and-awesome band). The support act there was this crazy, weird Belgian duo/band called Eriksson Delcroix. They were… terrible, basically; probably the worst SA I’ve ever seen, and they didn’t fit with Blaudzun AT ALL. It was quite endearing(ly hilarious), though, so we enjoyed ourselves regardless. Anyway, the actual concert there was THE SHIT. I had so much fun, it was really, really great. This is the second time my friend and I have gone to see him (plus once at a festival), and they do an amazing job every single time. This was an album release show, and the album’s fantastic (Promises of No Man’s Land, go check it out in Spotify once it’s put on there!). Probably the most put-together of all his albums so far, so that was another plus. All in all totes marv.

Here’s my two favourite pictures of that concert:

This guy, who’s usually introduced as “on the hand clap” (like “Flying Kiwi on the guitar”), is amazing. He always goes on stage barefoot, and now he was sporting this… dwarvish look? I feel that best describes it. Anyway, I love him. He’s got wonderful stage presence and enthusiasm and he’s fabulous.

The man himself: Blaudzun.

And now for the Bipolar Sunshine song:

Also make sure to check out the Spotify session version, which I think is even better.

Now it’s back to work for me (on my thesis, on the right to die, amongst other things). Enjoy the sunshine – I’m loving it a LOT over here 😀


Teardrop Because I’m Happy


We all know that any mashup with Teardrop by Massive Attack is bound to be good, and this cover up (HA HA) totally is! Go Foxes, four for you. Or two, but two’s my lucky number so you’re all good 🙂

Also, fun fact: The other day a friend of mine referred to Pharrell as Will Pharrell. TEEHEE :’)

Let It Sing


So, y’all should know that my first wish if ever I got my three was to have an amazing singing voice, and that I feel a lot of envy towards people who can sing well. Even more unfair is that I love impersonations also and that I can’t even do them that well just talking. (How is this even more unfair? I’m not sure). Anyhoo. Christina Bianco is awesome, as can be seen from not only her choice of songs (see also Total Eclipse of the Heart here), but also the fact that she does voice impersonations. Maybe I’ll be like her one day, when I finally do get those wishes… (2 and 3 are the ability to fly (or levitate, technically, no wings involved) and a world with Pokémon/undecided, respectively).

Let The Storm Rage OOOOOOOOOON


Gosh, this song IS empowering, isn’t it? It’s been a while since a Disney movie’s shown that much sass in one ice queen. Anyway, Disney wouldn’t be Disney if they didn’t seriously cash in (in money or street cred, potates potats) on their success. Plus, what’s more winning than adorable little kids, little Pans, and princess dads? Seriously, kickstart your day by watching this and you know it’s gonna be good.

Voy A Estocolmo! [Stockholm, yeah baby!]


Voy A Estocolmo! [Stockholm, yeah baby!]

Ola chicos y chicas! (I’m learning Spanish, or was, on Duolingo, which is amaymay, hence el Español).
I’m going to Stockholm in March! BOOYAH. I’m muy excited, to say the least. Just booked yesterday. It’s going to be magnifico!
So… if you’ve ever been to Stockholm, or you know, live there or sth., then do let me know the places to go, the places to be, and the places to see. (I may or may not have just watched Frozen. Which may or may not have been the third movie I watched today, after The Hangover 2 & 3. TH1 went down yesterday, although it feels like at least two days ago). But yeah, share your secrets! I’ll be there for 2,5 days, so we really want to get the most out of that.


PS: The Hangover was pretty disappointing 😦 I’ve come to appreciate Bradley Cooper a little bit more now, but other than that, meh. Also, Lauren’s brother Teddy is adorable. But still, the movies literally made me laugh out loud once at most. How are they good? Also, the boobs in the last one? DISGUSTING, EWW. And it was pretty lame that the story was exactly the same every time. I mean… come on. And I don’t like Zach Galifianakis (wrote that without checking! Will check now though to see if I’m correct otherwise the bragging doesn’t make sense. BOOM. Well done, me! I really like Between Two Ferns but ya no me gusta Alan. Or Senior Chang. Also, lots of eww nuditay. Flashback to the Bangkok prostitute eh no.