Sugar Sugar, Sing Me A Song


I have to admit I haven’t yet seen Blue Valentine (or Drive, for that matter… I’m really behind on my Gosling-intake), so I wasn’t familiar with the original, which is cool but not as wonderfully easy on the ears as this lovely cover by Sucre. I love how they have managed to capture the vintage feel, albeit in a completely different (i.e. “white”, basically) way. I approve 🙂


London: Fresh-Faced Beauty


This is a bit slow, but nonetheless a pretty cool look at how little London changed from 1927 (Claude Friese-Greene’s footage) till now (2013, Simon Smith’s footage).

Mu-Long And Mustacherella Going To A Concert


First of all, I wish the Bastille concert I’m going to in March would be this small, intimate, and relaxed. Alas. I still beat myself up for missing their (very small) concert last year… November or sth. Tears.
Anyway. May these beards (and the names) cheer you up today.

I Like The Way You Go Crazy On The Dance Floor


I’ve loved this song ever since I first saw the video on TV, back in 2005. Which is a pretty long time ago, thinking about it.

Since then, the BodyRockers have sadly split up (in 2007), but at least they left us this. I really like moving rhythmically (or outrageously crazily) to it.

The One True King

 There are many kings in the world, everyone knows this. Not as many as there used to be, but still a great number of them. None of them can quite live up to this guy though:

The Lion King (musical)

The Lion King (musical) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, Mufasa. The one and only Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasaa! Simba’s almighty, wise father, whose death made each of us cry bitter tears of sorrow like we hadn’t really experienced before in the short period of our existence. At least, I hadn’t, when I saw this movie in theatres aged three. I don’t recall a single moment of the experience, though, so I may not have cried at all, which, given my current non-proneness to crying might be more likely. Anyway.

The Lion King is the best Disney movie of all time. It’s brilliant, and if you have for some reason not seen it then… Well, then there’s really nothing to say.

Nothing, I told you.

Please just go watch the movie, dammit.

Haha, Dutch version!

I saved you the best for last, as a reward for making it all the way through this post, listening to each and every song I posted. Good on ya, mate, well done. Now go watch that thing for real.