Darlings, It’s Been Too Long


I don’t know what happened, but I’ve REALLY neglected the Flying Kiwi lately. (“Lately”). Mi dispiac, gente!
To ease your pain, listen to some Dylan LeBlanc. An artist who, to my joy, is nearly two whole years older than I am, (let’s not mention the fact that he started being awesome publicly before he turned 22).

Also, today I saw the most beautiful young man ever. He was GORGEOUS. And I don’t mean he was sort of attractive, or pretty handsome, or anything like that. No, I mean he was absolutely, perfectly, astonishingly beautiful. Only for one moment, ever so fleeting, did I lay eyes on him, but WOAH BOY. Can’t believe I didn’t stop him and demand a photograph and/or his name. Sigh. Talk about missed chances and regrets, man.


And I Love This


This is nice, isn’t it? 🙂
Apparently it’s Beatles week all week (on the Late Show…), which is good.
I’m also noticing I’m mostly only posting videos lately, does this bother you? What kind of stuff do you like to read/see/listen to on here? Your wish is my command, you know. If I feel like it.

It’s A Year!

It’s been a year since I started this blog; time has FLOWN. Wow. Unfortunately today has only 13 min left over here, so the celebratory, reflect…ory? post will have to wait till tomorrow. (Also, my laptop’s battery is running out).

To Be The Frontrunner


This is my 200th post. Let me just put that out there for you to contemplate and applaud.

Thank you.

London Grammar is great, and I am very happy to commend myself for being one of the first(-ish, at least the first at large) to love them and applaud and commend them. (See also here – BOOM).

I do like to (secretly) consider myself to have a very keen sense of the trends-to be (i.e. a trendsetter. Only I’m not a trendsetter, I am just way ahead and then other people set trends that happen to be stuff I thought was cool ages ago). Not always, but enough of the time to make me feel special and awesome and like I have a little bit of a superpower. I’m not Superwoman, I’m Trendwoman. I need to come up with a better name for that.

Also, totally finding (in looking back to find the link to my previous London Grammar post) that I posted some pretty neat music on here. Bobby Long, I like you, I still/again do.

Also-also, how annoying is it that searching on my blog doesn’t give any hits if the search term is only in the tags? BOO, unhelpful.


Woohoo! Flying Kiwis Taking Over The Internet

We are now up and running – except there’s nothing posted yet – on Tumblr and Twitter! Yay. Feel free to follow and spread the awesome 🙂

The Tumblr blog will feature a lot more random stuff that I come across on Tumblr, besides all posts that appear here, of course.

I’m not a big tweeter, but I might post some more random messages to the world/you on there, besides all posts.