Books Here, There, And Everywhere

Gratuitous not-very-good photo of my (incomplete) bookcase, including non-fiction and academic books.

Gratuitous not-very-good photo of my (incomplete) bookcase, including non-fiction and academic books.

So yeah, I love books. I know, I know, it’s awful. It’s shocking. It’s insane, really. But yeah, I try to deal with it, by reading. A lot.

Of course, I also love most all things book-related, and I figured that, now that I’m finally making my “comeback” to this blog, it might as well be with books. Books always work.

Some of the cool book things I came across these past few days:

Beautiful reading corners, to inspire our future (or current) homes 🙂

Book-inspired ice cream? Yes. Yes, please.

Must-read books, according to one Thought Catalog writer – I love lists. Especially those telling me what (not) to do, regardless of whether I agree. I’ve only read 7 of these, plus I’m reading A Game of Thrones at the moment, and I very much do NOT think I ever must read 50 shades, rather the opposite. Also, blegh @Catcher – way overrated.

Finally, in case you’re interested, find out what I’ve been reading (41 books this year, and counting!) on Goodreads.

And of course, please, please, please leave me your suggestions! Particularly those off the beaten tracks, since I’ll find those myself 😉

Oh, and finally-finally, BUY ALL THE BOOKS. Right now, I’m seriously lacking money for it, but it’s so great. Owning books is wonderful!


My Top 5 Books

Cover of "This Book Will Save Your Life"

Cover of This Book Will Save Your Life


This is my top five for today, off the top of my head, without having given a lot of prior thought to it. I mean, obviously I’ve thought about my number one, but I think it’s pretty much impossible to decide. There are very many books I love, for very many reasons, at very many times. This top 5 is ordered in no particular order for that reason.


2. The World According to Garp – John Irving


I first read this when I was maybe 10 or 11, in English!, making it one of the first real books that I read in English. And although I’m sure I didn’t understand half of it, and the content was much too mature at times, I loved it. I’d seen the movie already, and even then Robin Williams was one of my favourite actors (still is my favourite, and one of my idols), so of course the book would get my approval. It’s… everything a book needs to be, and it has one of the best epilogues I’ve ever read. Epilogues can be fantastic, and are such a great way for the reader to quickly discover more or less what happened to their beloved friends – this one does everything you expect it to.


2. Schijnbewegingen – Floortje Zwigtman


Sadly, this has yet to be translated to English. Translating this, just because I feel it should be, is something that’s been lurking in the back of my mind for years now, and maybe one day I’ll give it a try. That’s how much I love this book. It’s the first part of a trilogy, and each book again is amazing. This has helped a great deal in spurring on my love for Oscar Wilde. 19th Century London’s elite dandy-scene as described in this book makes me sad I wasn’t alive back then. Very sad.


2. White Fang – Jack London


Another one of my early favourites, and one of the books I’ve reread most often. Mr. London famously was nothing like the characters he described, (obviously, he wasn’t a dog), but he describes them well nonetheless. Or maybe he doesn’t, but he’s convinced me. I’ve read some of his other work, amongst it of course ‘The call of the wild’, but none of it comes close to White Fang. It’s just so good.


2. This Book Will Save Your Life – A.M. Homes


The latest addition to this list, a book that I’ve read only last Summer. It was… great. Just great. Great enough to have already earned a spot on this list, although of course only time can tell whether or not that will last. I’d definitely advise everyone to go out and pick this up and love it. It’s general fiction, and therefore – I’d say – accessible to everyone, and it’s kind of weird and quirky, but in all the best ways. Yes.


2. The Perks of Being A Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky


The movie was actually pretty good, let’s get that out of the way first. I liked it. Not as much as the book, and Ezra Miller wasn’t at all the Patrick I expected, and Emma Watson wasn’t quite what I’d pictured for Sam, but it… worked. Within the movie, it worked.




Having said that, the book is brilliant, and wonderful, and what I imagine ‘The catcher in the rye’ is to so many people, although they’re wrong because that book is way overrated. TPOBAW however, is fantastic, and everything a teen novel should be, or young adult, whatever you prefer. It’s not even that I can relate to Charlie, because I wasn’t that much of a wallflower and I definitely didn’t have his kinds of problems, but still. Somehow, Charlie is so endearing and great and smart and all you want for him is to have the best life possible. He is a hero.


So, what are your favourites? And do you have one book to read them all, that you just love more than anything in the world? I’d love to hear – and read it 😉