Ezra Is A Four Letter Word

Only just heard George Ezra (whom I sadly did not see live yesterday, *tears*)’s cover of Counting Stars, and I like. I like, therefore I share.

The man himself. ©Robert Blackham

The man himself.
©Robert Blackham

George Ezra is the shit right now.

Also, he is 1,5 years younger than I am, which – naturally – makes me feel unaccomplished and old and omg people that I think are awesome are now starting to be younger than me, what’s the world come to?


Her Neighbours, They Tell Secrets/A.A. Bondy sounds like…


I can’t quite pinpoint whom he reminds me of, but isn’t this a wonderful song? Lovely easy-listening. Found him through Spotify, (‘You listened to…’), which is one of the first times I both did not know their suggestion already AND actually liked it. Go Spotty!
I’m muchas frustrated by not knowing what I’m reminded of, though. Bah. Also, Edward Sharpe &…’s song in the August: Osage County is rad. Heard it in the trailer yesterday, when we saw it as a preview before Philomena. (There was a lot of confusion in me just now about whether or not it was him or not, ’cause the song is not on the soundtrack so I got confused and then internet told me it was the Lumineers but not, but Stubborn Love is also great, but what, but I don’t understand! but no, I was right after all. Pfew. I don’t like when they use songs in the trailer that aren’t in the movie. So disappointing. Cue No Church in the Wild not being in The Great Gatsby). Philomena was really great. I’ve loved Steve Coogan since I saw 24 Hour Party People, which I also recommend, and of course Judi Dench is brilliant. All-round wonderful film 🙂

Edit: ¡Of course I know what this reminds me of, Damien Jurado! (Who’s just released a new album I still need to listen to). They sound remarkably similar, I think, although it seems neither Spotify, nor Deezer agree with me. Silly nincompoops. There’s still someone else in there, too, though, but I still can’t quite get a grasp on my thoughts there. To be continued…

Two Of THE Most Frustrating Things

1. Google Chrome. Closing. All. Tabs. Without. Freaking. ASKING ME FIRST GAAAAAH ARGH OMG. I’m prone to having a lot of tabs open. Like, a lot. Today at some point it might have been 35+ (with about 15 of those being pinned). Luckily, just now, when this happened for the gazillionth time, I’d already read most of what wasn’t pinned, but still. It’s so incredibly frustrating. Wow. And the worst thing is that half the time, for some reason, I can’t even bring them back using ctrl-shift-T. Why? Why is this? Why does Chrome taunt me like this, sometimes making it work (joy!), sometimes not (tears¡). Ya no me gusta at all, Google. Not at all.

2. When Dutch people spell almost every compound word as two independent words. They belong together. They love each other and want to cuddle, all day, every day. Dutch is not English. In Dutch, we love compounds. In English, we don’t. This is no reason to break up words that are madly, deeply in love. It’s cruel and unnecssary. DON’T SUCCUMB. It’s saddens me.

3. Sorry for all the caps, but I feel strongly about these things. (See how I used bold type once to avoid caps? I did that for you. Because you’re worth it).

I Hate Ellie, Here’s Ezra

The title consists of two parts that have nothing to do with each other. The first is about my dislike for Ellie Goulding. UGH. Let me sum it up to you by copy-pasting an excerpt (haha, excerpt) from a conversation I recently had with a friend who does like her (oh, the horror). I was referring to her butchering of Mirrors (as in, the JT song, which is fabulous).

Nope, have to admit, Ellie Goulding annoys me SO MUCH
Her voice is just ugh
Weird and annoying and sortof nasal and sortof to vibrato and blegh
All the things I do not like about her
Anyway, indeed. But yes, in case you were wondering, that link does lead you to her cover of Mirrors. I do not recommend it. But then again I do, because it sums up all the bad about her.
(I have to admit, there are maybe one or two songs she’s done that I can stand and actually quite enjoy, but I guess they’re not at all her style and I can’t remember which they are. Maybe latah).
Anyway-anyway, what I did want you to listen to, courtesy of the same friend, is George Ezra’s Budapest:
You can download it for nuthin’ for… I’m not sure how long.
It really reminds me of something, but I can’t quite pinpoint what it is right now… I’m thinking maybe Douwe Bob (who is Dutch), but that’s not it, not really. Maybe DB meets his bro Michael Prins. I’m not sure. Anyway, enjoy listening (and sorry for the potential ear-bleeding at the awful that is Ellie).

Dudes In Sombreros

So, two things.

First of all, after seeing so much of The Last of Us online everywhere, I’m sad again that it’s only gonna be available on PS3. I’m not a gamer at all, and haven’t properly played any video games since my PS2 died a couple years ago, but this might make me reconsider. In other words, “they” are doing a great job creating a buzz around this game. Anyway.

Real reason for this post is the new Moby & Wayne Coyne video, which is wonderful.

It’s so… perfect. I love a lot of what Moby’s done, and this may be a tad different from the stuff I’m used to, but then fortunately I’m totally cool with accessible music, so yay all around!