So What Do Kiwi Sound Like? (About)

I honestly wish I knew. But kiwi birds don’t fly and kiwi fruits don’t make a sound, and the sound of flying New Zealanders is probably as interesting as the sound of you and me flying – it isn’t. There are far more interesting things in life; trust me. I’m a 21-year old student who has both seen surprisingly little and quite a lot of the world, so I’d know. The sound of flying kiwi is the illusive, the mysterious, and the unknown. It’s the little things that make life awesome. I am here to remind you to always look forward to the day you’ll hear a kiwi fly.

Me at 1 – sassy kid, huh?

Being a student and all, you might be wondering what it is that I’m studying. I graduated from a Liberal Arts & Sciences college in the Netherlands, where I majored in cognitive neuroscience and biology. I’m not crazy about either of them (though I much prefer CN), so I also finished minors in psychology and IR. Having done that, I’m starting an MA in Applied Ethics next, while I work to save up money to do Creative Writing (abroad) the year after. Whoop!

I love books and movies and music, and I know quite a lot of random stuff about those three things. I know fairly little about the important matters in life, such as everything I should’ve taken away from my courses. This makes me feel that when I grow up (if ever), I should get paid to tell people random trivia, enriching their knowledge, and entertaining them thoroughly. I also like to write and have written two novels, because I’m awesome like that. Neither has been published, yet.

When I think of what I really want to do with my life, my mind draws a bit of a blank, sadly. There are many things, besides those mentioned above, that I love, such as design, architecture, reading about all sorts of random stuff on the internet, and more. My dream jobs would be writer, director, talkshow host and owner of a concept store (books, music, clothes, interior design, and of course coffee, tea, and smoothies – I love smoothies). I’m closest to becoming a writer, but… not that close. I should work on that.

Want to contact me? Send an email to soundofflyingkiwi [at] I’m not an expert on anything, but I know a fair bit about a lot of things, so try me!


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