The Last Concert: Beatles On Rooftops

Ah, how I wish I could see all four of them play together one more time.
I believe it’s been good, for their music and for them, in some ways, that they quit while they were more or less ahead. Dragging it out for another 40 years, would that really have added anything? Sure, they would have made some brilliant songs, another great album, but all in all, I think they would have grown bitter and spiteful, towards each other (even more) and towards the world. It was wonderful while it lasted. I think. This all was 22 years before I was even born. That’s as many years as I’m old now. Wow.
Also, notice the fantastically neat-looking, stately gentleman with the pipe, climbing up one of the rooftops ever so gracefully and… Britishly, basically (around the 3min mark). Isn’t that great?


What do you think?

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