Expand Your Vision’s Frame

I’ve done something that I’ve done maybe 2 times before: I bought an album digitally. (Those two times, it was actually my dad doing the buying, since he’s got a credit card, where I don’t. They were Bryan Greenberg’s album and actually that’s the only one I can remember so maybe there was only one after all). These days, I have PayPal, which opens such a world of opportunities, such as buying albums through Bandcamp. In this specific instance, the album was Visions by Richie Quake (or RICHIE.QUAKE, I should say), which is awesome 🙂 Obviously. It’s kind of… mellow, some electronic, singer-songwritery (but not really), indie stuff. I felt pretty cool downloading his album (on a whim, after really only listening to this one song), and I’m not regretting it one bit. Listen here.


What do you think?

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