Two Of THE Most Frustrating Things

1. Google Chrome. Closing. All. Tabs. Without. Freaking. ASKING ME FIRST GAAAAAH ARGH OMG. I’m prone to having a lot of tabs open. Like, a lot. Today at some point it might have been 35+ (with about 15 of those being pinned). Luckily, just now, when this happened for the gazillionth time, I’d already read most of what wasn’t pinned, but still. It’s so incredibly frustrating. Wow. And the worst thing is that half the time, for some reason, I can’t even bring them back using ctrl-shift-T. Why? Why is this? Why does Chrome taunt me like this, sometimes making it work (joy!), sometimes not (tears¡). Ya no me gusta at all, Google. Not at all.

2. When Dutch people spell almost every compound word as two independent words. They belong together. They love each other and want to cuddle, all day, every day. Dutch is not English. In Dutch, we love compounds. In English, we don’t. This is no reason to break up words that are madly, deeply in love. It’s cruel and unnecssary. DON’T SUCCUMB. It’s saddens me.

3. Sorry for all the caps, but I feel strongly about these things. (See how I used bold type once to avoid caps? I did that for you. Because you’re worth it).


What do you think?

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