Come Celebrate: Life Is Hard.

And there was feeling. And it was in his voice. And it was raw. And it cut through the bone, to the heart. And feelings were felt. BOOM.
I’m loving this song SO MUCH right now. Been listening to it all day, except for when I wasn’t because I had to listen to Michael Prins to prepare for his concert tonight. (Also, I got his CD from Sinterklaas, yay! Sint is een baas). However, there is something sad going on. Jane is singing. A lot. She even has a full song of her own on the album.
Now, her voice is pretty great, and I actually really it. It’s just – don’t get me wrong – I LIKE ALEX’ VOICE SO MUCH BETTER. When they’re singing together and she’s singing and she’s too loud and I can’t hear him properly and it’s sad. She should back off, literally, and be a backup singer. Or do her own band, or sth. I’m sorry, Jane. I bet you are great, and apparently my name in like… Georgian or something is a term of endearment for Jane, so all the bro-feels, but no. Just no. Just go. Please.


What do you think?

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