To Imagine Everything And A Doll

To Imagine Everything And A Doll

Wendy Tsao bringing to life Rowan’s (age 10) art.

This is something of a follow-up to yesterday’s post, in which I mentioned another artistic parent collaborating with their kid(s). I want to be a parent like that, so I guess I should really start working on my drawing skills.

Anyway, this is possibly even cooler: Turning kids’ drawings into real, living, breathing, dolls. Okay, maybe they’re only living and breathing in the sense that Hobbes (of Calin fame) does, but whatevs. These are amazing. Imagine having this beautiful testament to your former self when you grow up? Pretty fantastic. Depending on your drawing skills as a four-year-old, of course.

Children rock, and I’m very much in favour of us all keeping that rock when we grow up and grow old and have more access to all kinds of means to the rockiest ends ever.

Don’t lose your rock, guys.


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