A Couple Of Great And Shiny Things

Ahoy mateys! It has been far too long indeed-io.

First of all, I must say this, as I am being confronted by one right now: feminine hygeine products/sanitary towels/whatever-horrible-name-you-prefer ads are the worst. Has one ever been aired, like, ever, without making everyone feel uncomfortable? Writing this is making me feel uncomfortable, imagine what watching one of those odious things is like… They are so weird and sterile and unnatural and generally full of lies. Maybe I’ve seen one good one in my lifetime, at most, but I don’t even recall it because it got buried beneath a pile of blue butterfly happy pads. Whut. Obviously people feel embarrassed discussing something that apparently involves cargo airplanes specifically designed for holding blue blood. That shit cray.

Anyway, just needed to get that off my chest because eww. Hope it grossed all of you out as much as it did me. SHARE THE MENTAL BURDEN.

Then on to the actual fun, great, shiny things!

I’m going to London Grammar with loyal minion and generally fantastic person Isadizzly! Whoohoo 😀

I’m actually going to many concerts: I just saw Hurts last week with the KanyE, will see QOTSA tomorrow with ma dadday, will see Michael Prins, Best Singer-Songwriter of the NL of 2013, and the Dutch National Ballet ballet-ing Sleeping Beauty in December, celebrate my 22nd birthday on the 2nd of January (please remember to congratulate me), then Edward Sharpe with the Mathematician on the last day of ze Januay, February is for breathing, and finally London Grammar and BASTILLE (WHADDUP HELL YEAH WHOOOOOP) in March. Cause BOOM. Who needs money anyway, right? Frankly, it feels pretty nice to rattle off that list.

Then there’s this, which is fabulous and makes me wish I had a make up artist at my disposal at all times. Angry birds! Pixelated Mona Lisa! Other cool famous painting things!

I’m almost 22, the most beautiful age (and number) in existence. I love you, twenty-two.

I went ice skating for the first time in nearly two years yesterday (with awesome people, of course), yay 😀 Ice skating is so much fun 🙂 Talking about the sad sports year 2010 made us all (sort of) feel like this, though:

Saddest moment.

Hunger Games: Catching FIAH is awesome. I went to the midnight premiere and it was great, Sam Clafflin was much better as Finnick than I could have ever hoped, and generally this movie was awesome. Liked it a lot better than no. 1.

Last, but not least, but in a sense still least, except for the sanitary towels: I almost became famous! I got selected for the BNN talentday (look it up) for category presenting, as one of 800 out of 10.000, but then I couldn’t actually make it to the auditions. Or I could, I just couldn’t stay for mine 😛 Alas. Next year. Next year I shall rock dat thang and be famous and be the next Jimmy Fellen-Colboprah. Although I don’t like Oprah. So yeah, just you wait.

Just you wait.

Godspeed! May the kiwi sound ever in your favour.

Finally-finally, a shout out to Jemima Puddle-Duck, drama queen extraordinaire and better-than-Kate, princess-worthy, British fauxalty. Hope you see this!


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