The Joys Of Halloween Candy

Every year, this makes me happy. Parents are so beautifully mean. I will be a parent like this. Hopefully, my kids will be like the heartbreakingly cute girl at 2:30, softly crying while saying, “It’s okay.” Awwwww. The kid at 4:20 is so shocked. I bet this was the first time he realised his parents, and people in general, would let him down in life. Harsh, but necessary.
The kid at 4:35, assuming he wasn’t on to his parents, is my hero. WOW. Honestly, girls his age should be on the lookout for this man, because he will be the greatest guy ever (as long as he learns to stand up for himself a bit more/doesn’t become a creepy psycho).
Also, isn’t it great to see how the kids struggle when they’ve been told it’s a joke? It’s like, I’m FURIOUS, but this is also quite funny. I remember how much I hated being made to laugh when I was angry. Totally messes up the flow of going berserk.


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