At last, it hath arriveth! November has once more begun, moustaches are being grown and tended to, and stories are being written. Let me give you a quick update of mine:

  • So far, I’ve got 5042 words, which means I’m ever so slightly above today’s (okay, yesterday’s) word count goal (of 5000);
  • 7 people have died, the first of whom was Carl – he was most important to the story, and I have a feeling he’ll be back…;
  • None of those who died were major characters (or even minor characters, really, except maybe Carl in the future), but I do know that at least two more important people will die;
  • Donkey the unicorn has not entered the story yet;
  • Batman has made an appearance, though, (and his parents have been mocked, sort of), and;
  • Robin is on the verge of entering the story, (but she is not that important), and;
  • Finally, my first main character is an 8-year-old boy, named Charlie.

Any of you participating? Any thoughts on my story, and inspiration I might use? Any thoughts and ideas are always welcome!


What do you think?

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