Like A Dog At The Shrine Of Your Lies

This song is amazing. It’s by far the best new song I’ve heard in a while, and I’m really loving Hozier right now (as of yesterday…). Also, great name. As I was singing his praise today, someone asked if this was a Maroccon rapper. It’s brilliant that a) this person (someone I study with) thinks I listen to rap, and b) that Hozier is a Maroccon name (it might be, I guess? He’s Irish, though). Anyway, go forth and listen to his music. And while you’re at it, you can download his EP (Take me to church) for free! Best thing about it, THERE ARE LYRICS. A PDF of the lyrics “booklet” is included. Now that is what I call supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Basically, all of this is all good.

Also great, how he casual uses the video for this song to ask for attention for LGBT violence and intolerance.


One thought on “Like A Dog At The Shrine Of Your Lies

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