Holy Cover!

JT is awesome, and this song is pretty cool generally (I’m not cray about Jay), but I really like this cover. Apparently the first dude has an EP coming up, (see here), I’m pretty curious.

Also, I’m watching the Miley Cyrus documentary right now, and it’s a) pretty interesting (then again, I find pretty much everything interesting), but b) I also feel my opinion towards her changing a bit. I mean, I was too old for the Hannah Montana MC, so in that sense the current her is more my “thing” (except, you know, the twerking and general weirdness), and I really like Wrecking Ball. Seeing this doc is of course the media circus surrounding her working its magic, but it shows a little bit of who the real Miley might be and it’s good to see that she’s having fun. And it’s impressive how she is “on” the minute she’s in front of her fans. There’s a lot to be said, but she’s a pro, no question. (Plus, I wish I was that fit. Man, I can’t even walk stairs without getting winded. And I’m not even fat.)

Finally, one more cool music thing: John Legend on Dutch talk show De Wereld Draait Door (the closest we’ll ever get to having anything awesome like Stephen Colbert, Ellen, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, etc. until I finally make my TV debut)


What do you think?

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