To Be The Frontrunner

This is my 200th post. Let me just put that out there for you to contemplate and applaud.

Thank you.

London Grammar is great, and I am very happy to commend myself for being one of the first(-ish, at least the first at large) to love them and applaud and commend them. (See also here – BOOM).

I do like to (secretly) consider myself to have a very keen sense of the trends-to be (i.e. a trendsetter. Only I’m not a trendsetter, I am just way ahead and then other people set trends that happen to be stuff I thought was cool ages ago). Not always, but enough of the time to make me feel special and awesome and like I have a little bit of a superpower. I’m not Superwoman, I’m Trendwoman. I need to come up with a better name for that.

Also, totally finding (in looking back to find the link to my previous London Grammar post) that I posted some pretty neat music on here. Bobby Long, I like you, I still/again do.

Also-also, how annoying is it that searching on my blog doesn’t give any hits if the search term is only in the tags? BOO, unhelpful.


What do you think?

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