Some Stuff For Some Day Like This

xkcd is wonderful, and this one is… kind of heartbreaking and super funny and a lot of what’s so good about the comics.

Anyway, this is just a bit of random stuff I found lying around the web which I thought was nice for a random day like today. There’s Nokia!

Listen to this

while looking at this visual history of Nokia phones. They’ll always have a special place in my heart. Especially the first, original tune. None of the ones after quite matched its simple brilliance. Maybe because they became increasingly non-simple… The same goes for snake. How I loved playing the old school no bullshit snake (on my parents’ 6210s actually, we didn’t do the 3210 or 3310. I did own a somewhat newer model at some point but I don’t remember what that was called… sad).

This incredibly interesting/shocking/depressing/crazy article about a Dartmouth frat guy and the hazing that goes on there. I know it’s only one guy, although he has some backup, and it’s good to read the comments, too, but nonetheless it’s a very intriguing read.

Finally, some upbeat music to lift your mood that I came across a while ago and did nothing with so far 😀


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