Bitchhole Resting Face Syndrome

Don’t you love it when you come across something on the internet that you never suspected would be a thing – although maybe if you’d thought about it you would have suspected since the internet has everything… – and it’s just great? Well, I just saw this, weirdly subtitled, Anna Paquin on Jimmy Kimmel fragment, and I so feel her pain. God, I can’t even remember how many times I’ve been asked what was wrong, or told to stop looking so angry (Geez, thanks, that really makes me feel good), or to smile! Whenever someone says something like that, my mood just plummets, ironically.

Anyway, let’s not go into that any further because it’s not awesome and happy, but I do want to say that it’s fine to ask people if they’re okay, but it’s NOT fine to tell people not to look so angry/sad/whatever negative face they might seem to have on, because it’s not at all unlikely that it’s just their neutral face and you’re insulting them. Worst is when you’re like, I’m fine, this is just my neutral face, thanks, and people still behave like you have a problem and they’re wonderful for calling you out for it. NOT COOL. (Can you tell this is a really strong pet peeve of mine?)

So anyway, in trying to find the actual video footage for the conversation, I came across all kinds of wonderful documentation of the phenomenon. It’s pretty great.

(Yeah, I never saw this before… guess the viral wasn’t quite viral enough?)

This one isn’t that supermegafoxyawesomehot, but I love the broccoli rose bit at the start, so there you go:

The Jimmy Kimmel thing I was talking about it this, but it’s not that interesting because it’s basically what you already saw above, but for completeness:

Here’s some other celebs who suffer from this horrible, horrible condition.

And of course the original bitchy resting face (or maybe this qualifies as asshole?):

Also, tomorrow I get to finally pick up my Bachelor’s degree diploma! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay. Bliss.


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