I Love Noodles

I Love Noodles

I really do. Especially, particularly, only the instant kind. The bad, non-real, super fake, “these aren’t real noodles” kind. My go-to brand&flavour is this, in case you were wondering. Easy foods are pretty great, if you ask me, and I feel that in many cases, there’s really no point in going all out to make your own sauce/topping/crust/etc. I do make some really mean apple pie though. And pancakes. Pancakes are never good when they come from plastic.

Good Noodles, hell yeah!

So anyway, clearly, when I saw this noodly post (click title) on Go Fug Yourself, I had to check it out. It’s… super weird, and I could only figure out the first three. The fourth is really bad. Anyway, I figured noodle art should be a thing and should be promoted and who am I if not a promoter of all things awesome? Many things, exactly.

I’ve really been re-discovering GFY these past few days. I’ve kind of missed it. Also, PostSecret. I’m finally remembering to check it out again, and it’s still so wonderful.

Anyway, have a great Sunday tomorrow! (Today?) Make sure to listen to some Leonard Cohen – he is perfect for Sunday (afternoons).


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