Because We Like Pretty Things

I’ve decided to give up on the whole ‘weekly roundup’ thing, because most of the time it felt burdensome and made me not want to share all kinds of cool things with you because it would take too much work. Then when I did make the post, I couldn’t be arsed to properly spend time on them, so they were all kind of… unappealing, probably.

Anyway, I’ve now taken up the habit, sort of, of just throwing stuff at you right when I come across it, which is what I’ll be doing now. Today is a good day, with lots of fun stuff to throw at you.

First of all, there’s this… poem, I suppose, by Julian Barnes, whom I think is wonderful, which is quite lovely and sad-ish. At some point it loses its charm a little – it drags on a bit too much – but it’s still worthwhile, and it’s not very long. It’s about funerals, more or less.

Then there’s this song, which is also lovely, so this post is coming together quite nicely matched, and I do enjoy matching.

Zen Pencils is very cool and definitely worth checking out if you’re at all into comics and cool things and awesome, which you probably are because that’s why you’re here… I guess? Either way, the below comic is great and inspiring and inspired by Bill Watterson, the Brilliant Mind that created Calvin & Hobbes. Many good things coming together here.


Aaand… that’s it! I did come across the video about the 96-yo guy who wrote a song about his wife that was turned into an actual song, but I didn’t think it sounded that great, and En Puntas was just weird, basically. I was hoping she’d actually start dancing, but I guess scratching a grand piano is enough for them. So, not sharing those. Ha.

Also, I have decided to become a children’s literature author. I think I’d be quite good at that, plus I have awesome friends to help me out. So, be on the lookout for Brammetje het Rommeltjesmonster // Jesse the Messy Monster.


What do you think?

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