Definitely Maybe Probably Crazy

As I’ve said before, Facebook and Friends (and especially the combination) are a great resource for musical gems like this one. Joss Stone and I have always had a somewhat problematic relationship, especially when she was (going to be? I don’t even remember her in the movie…) Angela in Eragon. Ugh. Anyway, a lot has happened since, and I’ve grown slightly fonder of her. Ever so slightly. Enough, in any case, to want to listen to this cover. Particularly because I strongly feel that Crazy is one of the best songs ever.

Also, this is my first (conscious) encounter with Lianne – I know, how have I managed to do that? – and she’s great. No no no to the crop top though. Crop tops being crop tops is sometimes permissable, as in, they’re not prima facie wrong (woah, ethics-speak!), but KNOT crop tops? No no no.


What do you think?

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