Dreams And Games

I’m not sure that I haven’t already written a post about how fabulous dreams are, (rather, I’m quite sure I have, one way or another), but it’s only an excuse to tell you about the dream I had this morning anyway.

As I started watching Game of Thrones – which of course I like, I’ve also bought the first book now – it would only make sense that I dreamt about meeting George R. R. Martin. I’m not quite sure what the meeting was for, but it was something other than GoT, because I oly remembered after a while to ask him for an autograph because I loved his work. (Hadn’t yet read the book in my dream either, I’m such a liar). He was very nice – is that true to life at all, or was it just because it’s me? – and didn’t even grow impatient when it turned out every piece of paper I could find in my bag, I’d already written or drawn on. Personally, I felt that was very frustrating, but he was very cool about it. Nothing much happened after that, or I don’t remember.

In any case, it was all very cool, ’cause there I was, such a newby fan and already chatting with him so very casually. Quite proud of my dreams, really.

i just watched episode 8 (of season 1) last night, so the going’s quite slow. Hour-long episodes really take a while, don’t they? Sadly, I’m a big fan of series’ wikis, so I already know what happens to pretty much every major character up till season 3… Only globally, but still. At least with books I never do that, sigh. Although… I could save myself the time it takes to read 5 Wheel of Time books and just look it all up online. Those wikis really are pretty extensive…


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