And So It Goes

I am really, really, REALLY FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOW. I wrote a massive post (this one…) updating you about my absence these past four weeks and everything that’s happened and somehow, it’s all gone. GAAAAAAAAAH. I feel like shouting and breaking things right now. Dammit.

The last autosave that made it was from half an hour ago, but I guess I’ll work from there again. NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHasdglahweg;anwevbawerfpvijae;l.v 338y{)hgrl

Okay, I don’t know what the hell WordPress is doing, but it’s not funny. I used the revision and finished the post, again, save it, and boom, everything is gone and I post an empty post. Seriously, what is this? Not cool.


What do you think?

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