And So It Goes II

The last time I was properly active was the 2nd of June – that’s 28 days, or four weeks, ago. Wew. That’s not good! Let me give you an update on what has happened since (and before); it’s been a rather busy time.

On the 16th of May, I had my very last exam for my Bachelor’s degree, one day before the end of the semester. We celebrated in style, with a pool party! (A first, for me, and it turned out to be awesome).

Then, on the 21st of May, I went to Tom Odell’s Amsterdam concert with a great friend; it was great and we got autographs – yay!



On the 22nd of May, I handed in my Bachelor’s thesis, so that I was officially done with all Bachelor-related stuff. The journey was… pretty awful, and the result hasn’t made me happy. I prefer not to think about it at all, because it’s been disappointing in many different ways.

In any case, this did lead to my graduation (“commencement”) on the 7th of June! Whoop whoop.


My dad and I

And finally, an honest-to-god blanket fort! Not in the study area like I intended, but still pretty damn awesome.


Then, I went on a week-long trip to Rhodes, Greece with 3 friends, which was pretty swell.


Cause what’s Greece without these?


Awesome abandoned house that Mussolini may have lived in…


Yes, this photo shoot did include Lion King posing


Scrumptious! If you find yourself on Symi, visit The Olive Tree!


Lovely Symi 🙂


Of course.

I’m very, very sick of this post by now, so I’m going to leave you with the sad knowledge that this past week I’ve been moving out of my room on campus for the very last time. It’s pretty weird. Initially, there was some stuff here about next year and the future and Masters programme’s, but I’ll update that in the about page, cause ugh.

Anyway, I’m hoping to update much more regularly again during summer, so expect to hear more from me!

Ta ta.


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