It’s Easy Being Nice

It's Easy Being Nice

Oh 9GAG, you can be such a great source of inspiration. It’s strange, that– no, never mind, I’m not actually done and I’m still on 9gag, procrastinating my time away, never mind. I’ll tell you once I’m really done what it’s like to be on there just… because, rather than to avoid work.
(Incidentally, yes, yes indeed, I finished my bachelor’s thesis and, apart from a presentation of my findings on Friday, I am essentially done with my bachelor’s degree. So far, it has mostly made me feel empty and scared. Anyway…)

Let’s get to the point of this post. While I’m sure the person who posted the above meme to 9gag will have days where they take out some of their pent up anger, frustration, or fear on others, the point is clear: It’s NOT necessary to behave like an ass just because your day isn’t great. Actually, I’ve found that being really nice and kind and awesome to people often helps, because it gives you something to be proud of and happy about at least.
It’s like wearing really great clothes, or taking time for an elaborate hairdo, or getting someone a gift, on a day that you know is going to be sucky for you. If you’re going down, you might as well go down in style. Be a gent. Swag it up. Friendly the shit out of your day, just because you can. Because honestly, it takes just as much effort to be nice as it does to be mean, but the former will leave you feeling much better about yourself afterwards. And really, shared pain is doubled pain – you’re only burdening people with shit that has nothing to do with them and people don’t even like their own shit so get over yourself.
There’s no excuse, there are only reasons – they are not the same.


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