Where This Week Wandered

How is life not awesome, when things like this exist:


Incidentally, I also finally, finally tried a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. It was… okay. Not as great as movies, etc. make them seem, but not bad. Much better than peanut butter with chocolate sprinkles in any case.

Lots of photography this week, starting with a week of groceries around the world.

More Etsy-awesome, in the form of this skateboard picnic table by IndiePopShop.


Above is only one example of all the awesome things fifty street artists did with an abandoned Parisian nightclub. I love street art, so this is absolutely great. (Putting this in here especially for those of you who aren’t/don’t follow me on Tumblr – you should if you can!)

A fascinating, and funny, look into what it’s like to be depressed (using cartoons).

More photography; incredible nature vs. landscape shots this time.

Green Box – click for more cool

Sculptures, inside TVs. Preeeeeetty neat.

Etsy was really great this week:

©Ryan Sheffield

It seems 5-year-old daughters make great models.

Some more art, paintings by Mark Demsteaderthis time. I’d love to get one of those, particularly the first one – shame they’re a little pricey.

James Gulliver Hancock makes really awesome illustrations (and some cool sculptures, and… cool everything, basically).

Finally, coffee cup art. Yes.

That’s it again! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a good next week 🙂


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