I Know It’s Crazy To Believe In Silly Things

This video is so sad and beautiful and the song is just as haunting. I love it.

Spoiler: Personally, I believe the woman passes away – she’s wearing the sock again at the end, which seems unlikely. Then again, it would be happier to think she’s really with him still. Any theories?


4 thoughts on “I Know It’s Crazy To Believe In Silly Things

  1. Theory1: She’s using the sock again because that’s what she’s done since she was a child to cheer herself up when she’s sad. So you’re wrong to believe she died 🙂

    Theory2: He’s dead in the car. Everything that happens after he shuts the door is a wishful dream, as he shuffles off the mortal coil… 😦

    • Theory 1 is wrong because the sock only appears in her life when he throws it in the car where she finds it, after he doesn’t kill himself when she appears. That would kind of support T2, though, (in making the story go full circle with the sock at the beginning and the end). Hadn’t thought of that option at all actually, it’s possibly even more sad than my ‘she dies’ scenario. I mean, not only does he kill himself, but his last thoughts are about finding love and then dying… while dying. Wow 😛

  2. I’m afraid you’re right, she dies and he imagines her being there in the hospital, like he remembers her (with the sock). I think it’s kind of unlikely that he actually dies in his car – why would he kill himself if he can imagine himself to be so happy (only for a while, but still)? It’s a really sad story, that’s for sure. Beautiful video and song though.

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