Love Is All You Need?

Of course it shouldn’t matter what way they portray this kind of bullying, but seeing it played out with the roles reversed, it does somehow hit closer to home for me. Either way, seeing as how this happens every single day, it’s really important that all of us do whatever we can to make this bullying and this hatred stop, and to support its victims. We all love the same way.


2 thoughts on “Love Is All You Need?

  1. Only two percent of the country is gay. Sorry, I think it’s wrong to force homosexuality on kids. Unfortunately, anyone who is different or who is perceived to be different is more likely to be bullied and made fun of. Kids learn to bully from their parents and older brothers or sisters. Instead of teaching them out to bully, they need to learn how to treat other kids the way they want to be treated.

    • I’m not sure that I get the part about forcing homosexuality on anyone, but as for the rest of your comment, I think you have a point about the bullying. Maybe not so much the act itself, but definitely the ideas and beliefs behind it (i.e. you do this, this is stupi –> I will bully you for that) are to a large extent taken over from parents and peers. Sadly, of course, bullying is a really complicated issue, and extends far beyond “just” homophobia. At the same time, homophobia is not just bullying, but in a sense is much stronger because there is real (or cultivated) hatred behind it. Either way, we should all try not to be like that and to support people whenever and wherever we can. A comment is not really the place to go into this much further, but maybe I’ll try to go into this a bit more some other time.

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