The Sun Is Pretty, Fascinating

Three years, two photos of the sun per day. Pretty intriguing, if you ask me.


2 thoughts on “The Sun Is Pretty, Fascinating

  1. Watching this, I’m reminded of how vast the energy thrown off by the sun is. And what’s always fascinated me is trying to imagine how much sunlight doesn’t fall on the Earth. At 93,000,000 miles distance, our planet is just a speck from the sun’s point of view. If we could tap even some of that energy… think what we could do!

    Mind you, I think we have a bit of growing up to do before we should be allowed such power. We’ve made a pretty good mess of things so far with the relatively teensy bit we’ve tapped.

    • Hear hear! It’s amazing indeed, to consider how much more is possible, when already we can do so much. Also a little bit scary, keeping in mind the things some people will do.

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