Confession Time! With Music!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may be aware of my love for mash-ups, and particularly those by Mashup Germany – he is brilliant. This one I surfed into today, and I love it, for various reasons.
So, what’s the confession then? Well, you might recognise Tokio Hotel in there. He uses ‘Durch den Monsun’ by them, and… I really like that. I used to be a big fan (and by big I mean I almost went to a concert and bought two albums, knew all the lyrics to their music, and actually bothered to look up what they meant to*) of their music. That was before they really became famous and everyone started hating them a lot, (but not hipster-early either); by then I kind of moved on. Anyway, I still think their songs are pretty okay, so it makes me happy to hear them used like this. BAM.


What do you think?

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