You Should Grow Your Hair Long

Great song, great blog 🙂


The following tune has just about been dominating my replay button for the past couple of weeks or so.

Milk – The Bronze Medal


I first came across these guys when they released this beautiful home session track (‘Go Easy’) and since then I’ve kinda been really hooked.

The Bronze Medal are a five-piece alternative band based in Bristol. While still relatively new, they have managed (and not surprisingly so) to be dubbed “Masters of indie slow-build” by such high-placed people as The Times, and have even managed to grab the attention of the BBC.

Now I’ll admit, the song is somewhat depressing, but it’s definitely of the good variety. Sweet, soft and  tranquil melodies ebbing and flowing with the distant drums and gentle guitar harmonies, all of which lace over the poignant vocals of lead singer Robin Southewell – this my friends, is the stuff music is made of.


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