Cherishing The Gifted Lemons

English: Wild Grass in India

What is this grass doing here? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you may or may not know, one of my favourite Cyanide and Happiness comics is the one about lemons. This one. It’s pretty great. Also, it’s about taking what life gives you and doing all kinds of awesome things with that. This is of course what I attempt to do with my blog: My life is not one long stream of the sweetest lemonade, but here I try to just share the cool things, albeit through actually sharing cool things, or writing short bits about the stuff that makes life awesome (for me). I hope that’s actually what you’re taking away from it – please tell me if you don’t.

In any case. Yesterday, I was talking to some friends, and the conversation turned to people who are jealousy inducingly fantastic at life. They are smart, they are good-looking, they play and instrument well or sing beautifully, they have a vibrant social life, and they never seem to be tired either. To top it off, rather than being horrible, arrogant bastards, they are nice too, so you can’t hate them for being perfect. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Then, one friend remarked that reading this blog was a similar kind of experience. I only mention the cool things here, just like I only see the cool things those people do and are. And of course, there are countless things they aren’t good at – they just don’t show off those things, because why would they? So much depends on our own perception, which is coloured, and biased, and can only rely on the very limited experience you have had of the world to understand things.

I really like this quote, by Anaïs Nin, “We see the world not as it is, but as we are.” This applies to people, too. We don’t see others for who they are, we see our interpretation of them. We don’t see the hard work they have to put in, or the fights they have with their parents, their friends, their lovers, or their dissatisfaction with how certain things (don’t) work out.

And vice versa. We don’t see how great we are, and our lives are; we know all the shit that we go through in order for our life to be what it is, so we see it in all its glorious imperfection. But when it comes down to it, when I think of all the cool stuff I can post on this blog, I’d say my life is pretty damn great. It’s not perfect, and there’s a lot I’d like to change, but it’s important to realise and appreciate that there is so much greatness in our lives all the time.

I’m not saying this nearly as beautifully as I can and want to, and I’m not saying anything new, but it’ll have to do for now. It’s so easy to aspire to have what others have, to the point where we fail to see what parts of our lives they are striving for. The grass isn’t greener, it’s just a different patch of grass, and the important thing is to take care of your own patch. If you’re careless, it might wither and die, when really is was perfectly green all along.



7 thoughts on “Cherishing The Gifted Lemons

  1. I love this post. Thank you. I feel the same way, all the time. I suppose most people do feel this way about certain people. Also, you’re one of those people for me. Just thought you’d like to know that. Although I know your life isn’t perfect, I do admire some aspects of your life very much. Especially your writing. You are so good at it, seriously. And maybe I should write you a letter in which I say this kind of stuff, and I wish I would write letters like that but at least now you know, I guess 🙂
    And the rest of the people reading your blog. But still.

    • Thank you 🙂 And we should totally write letters. I’ve been writing more lately and it’s great. I really like that when you write a letter, an actual letter with real thoughts and not just ‘hey how are you’, you sort of slow yourself down enough to think about certain things properly. When it’s only in your head – or at least for me – thoughts are often so jumbled and confused and then when you write them down you can sort of make sense of them and that’s pretty awesome. So… 😛

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