Biking. Biking Everywhere.

Today, I went on a 50km bike trip, visiting all these castles and cool historic places close to where I live. It wasn’t all great – we took at least 1,5 hours longer than expected, there was a broken bike, a terrible fall with lots of blood, and one person had to take the train back in the end – but it was pretty great nonetheless. We crashed what we first thought was a wedding, but what turned out to be an art fair with paintings by this master forger. We almost visited the cutest little candy/ice cream store ever (but then didn’t… oh well). We found our wedding venue. We drove through really awesome forest paths. All that, and we got to see some historical sights and learn about the Netherlands. Plus there were people I hadn’t met before who turned out to be very nice, and some people I know a lot better, who I had a lot of fun with, so yay!

Oh, and there was a unicorn.

Yeah. A unicorn.


Doesn’t really get much better than that, eh?


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