When Divine Inspiration Hits

I think it’s safe to say most of us have experienced those moments, which are usually more like hours that drag on and on, where we just had no inspiration to do our work. Zero. Zilch. None. Nada. Nothing but a hollow feeling. I think that’s the closest most of us will come to experiencing a black hole; that feeling of anything I put in here will just be sucked away into nothingness. It’s the horrible moment when even all the ideas that other people give you just do nothing for you. They might be good ideas, but not for you, not now. Generally, that makes me feel pretty miserable.


© peevee@ds

So then when lightning finally hits, when at last some divine entity lays a hand on your head, and new energy, thoughts, and inspiration floods your brain, that’s just the best. It can come from anything too, a TED talk, like what happened to me on Sunday when I was in need of a topic for my IR paper, or a walk outside, or some offhand comment someone on the radio makes. Anything, and it’s always unexpected and unannounced, and that sort of makes it all the better. It’s such sweet victory.

And it always comes. Maybe not immediately, maybe not when you need it, but you will get out of that slump. You are that awesome.


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