What Went On This Week

Once again, this post comes to you a day late – sorry for that, I didn’t really feel up to writing it yesterday. There wasn’t a good reason for that, I just felt like doing other things, such as writing a letter to a friend, reading letters on Letters of Note (which I’ve mentioned before), and catching up on a bunch of emails that I still needed to send. I also started cleaning up my room. Maybe I’ll show you the before and after pictures once I’m done… My room was pretty bad (is). As in, really, really messy. Maybe the messiest I’ve ever seen.

In any case, here’s cool stuff I ran into during the past week:

First of all, listen to this song by M83 while you read the rest of this post.

Then click this link to watch more incredible underwater pictures like this one, by Mark Tipple.

© Mark Tipple

I thought this print by Peggy Wolf Design, on Etsy, was pretty awesome. This one too.

© Peggy Wolf Design

And while we’re on the topic of Etsy, also check out this beautiful lace jewellery by White Owl.

Audi may totally feel free to ask me for this kind of thing sometime too.

Has LEGO ever been cooler? This really makes me want to bring my LEGO collection to campus – those were the good times.

© Nathan Sawaya

I didn’t really think it would be possible – haha, who am I kidding, totally did! – for a high-tech functional backpack to make me drool, but man, I wish I had $140 right now…

Speaking of design, this pen(cil) case is wonderful.

This hotel seems pretty amazing. I really need to start working on winning the lottery.

For those of you who happen to live in New York, go check out this exhibition for me and tell me it’s awesome.

© Iona Rozeal Brown

Every photo makes me gasp and swoon anew; just when you think a house can’t possibly get any better… it does. This is what I strive to be in life. (A house).

Easter is coming!

© The June Bride

And with that, I wish you a very merry weekend – I hope the weather is better where you are 🙂

Oh, and if you’ve made it all the way here, a reward:

I cannot WAIT to see this.


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