Fangirling With Myself

That’s totally a reference to ‘Dancing with myself’, the Billy Idol song. I love it, and it regularly gets stuck in my head. And yes, I do know it because of Glee, and I loved it there, and I don’t care, even though I don’t watch Glee anymore. They have some pretty damn good covers. Nowadays maybe not so much, but there’s some good stuff there.

Anyway. If you’re still with me after I professed my love for a Glee cover, I wanted to share my awesome of the day with you! I was happily procrastinating away on Facebook, when I saw this:


I’m trying to learn Spanish, hence he me gusta-ing things.

How cool is that!? I have to admit I was totally fangirling (for myself) there for a while, and I may or may not have gone out of my way to point it out to at least 5 people. I’m just… really proud and happy and grateful.

Clearly it’s great when regular readers like (and comment on!) my stuff, but when someone who’s… established? approves, that does give an extra touch, even though it shouldn’t matter. It was a very exciting moment for me, and it really made my day. My day was pretty great anyway, but now… it’s supercallifragilisticexpialidociously great, you know?

Amongst others, I made my first thesis deadline, handing in my introduction and methods – yay! That does make me sad at the same time, though, but none on that now. I hope you all had a marvellous day too. You deserve that 🙂


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