Phlyarologist (A Definition)

I can really, really relate to this. Phlyarologist is also the word that chose me, and… it fits.


I’m a phlyarologist, and proud of it.

I originally found this word via the marvelous site Or, more correctly, I’d have to say that the word found me. I had been looking for a word to adopt (preferably a poor, lonesome one with few friends), and this one leapt out at me, grabbed me around the throat and promised to strangle me if I didn’t immediately promise to use it wherever I could (and other places, too). Under the circumstances, I had little choice, although I know some who would say the world would have been a better place had I refused.

I have been asked the question: what exactly is a phlyarologist?

The earliest definition of ‘phlyarologist’ I’ve been able to find on the web dates to 17Jan2005 (according to the Wayback Machine). This ascribes the meaning ‘one who speaks nonsense’ to our poor, defenceless (apart…

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