Sing Your Heart Out

Tonight was awesome. It’s a very personal, particular kind of awesome, but I had so much fun that I really felt I should share with the rest of the world. Because… you know,

Okay, so maybe there’s no deep message, no hidden meaning; maybe I just want to state that I had a great night, with awesome people and tons of fun. Isn’t that what the internet is for? To share all the awesome? Even though maybe not everyone can relate to it?

First, we had pancake dinner – I love (Dutch!) pancakes, favourite food right there! – with chocolate fondue as dessert. Then, before dessert but after pancakes, I went to my very first, and very last, tapdance class ever. It was difficult and I felt like a noob, but I’m glad I tried and I did actually have fun. It was worth it. Then there was chocolate fondue, which hardly needs explanation, right?

After that, I kind of thought the night was over. It had been fun, but I was feeling a bit slow, and working on my thesis was awful today, so… meh. Could’ve been better.

Luckily, I then finally convinced a friend to go to the bar with me, where we met some other friends, and wonderful music. We were only going to stay for a short while, but then suddenly it ended up being 02.00 just now, and… well. It was totally worth it. We sang along to the Beatles, Queen – big time – Bon Jovi, some Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf, and finally, to top it off, Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns ‘N Roses. (The bartender actually had to ask me to repeat it TWICE before he could go look it up… whuuuuuut!?)

It was amazing. I’m a pretty lousy singer, but we were with a big enough group that it didn’t matter, that we just put our hearts into it, we lived the drama, the pain, the guilt, and we let it all out. This was the catharsis the Greeks were looking for, I dare say. 

So yeah, awesome. It was just really fun, and super gezellig. Look that word up – you will found out this was the word you were always missing in your vocabulary.

Also, once again, I have proven that it is totally possible to have all the fun without having all the alcohol. I wish more people would realise that. And how bad alcohol is for your brain and your body and your everything. Also, smoking. GROSS. Just sayin’.

Peace out!

Really feeling like I’m living the thug life right now, staying up until 2 in the morning, like a baws. YOLO. (By the way, as much as yolo is stupid, I do really like this quote by Mae West, ‘You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.’ I get that that’s basically saying the same thing, only more elegantly and more eloquently, but people should live up to the true meaning of it more. Anyway, this wasn’t going to be a post with a deep message, so more on that later!)

Thanks for reading this. I hope you can relate, albeit maybe not in exactly the same way. Friends are great. I find it difficult most of the time to say that to their face, but I know some of you will read here, so just so you now: You guys rock 🙂


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