What Was Wonderful This Week

No day by day overview this week, because I’m just rounding up everything today – sorry for that. It’ll still be good though!

First of all, there is this gorgeous, gorgeous Rolls Royce

© Ugur Sahin Design

Then this beautiful crater-hotel in Israel.

There was this NY windows series, of which this one is my favourite

© Jose Guizar

Also, take a minute to look at the photos that won in the World Press Photo contest. As always, they are beautiful. Many are also incredibly sad and confronting – let it give you pause.

Read this article, which touches upon exactly those things that I fear about post-graduation life – which is nigh for me… boohoo – and actually has a point, I think.

Randomly, watch Validation. I first saw this amazing short movie 2 or 3 years ago, and have regularly rewatched it after that. It’s so sweet and great for lifting your spirits. 7 million views are far too few.

And finally, I wish Etsy was a mall in the Netherlands, somewhere close to where I live. I would just have any income I get sent directly there and buy everything. I’d also be happy if we had better (prom) dress shops over here.

So, that’s it for now! Hope you like it, hope your Saturday’s (been) great, and your Sunday even greater. Keep on rockin’ 😉


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