Tiny Awesome Things This Week

On Monday, there was this beautiful restaurant in Eindhoven, that I could actually, theoretically, go and check out. Hell yeah!

© ReCycleProject on Etsy

There was also this bike. My heart is overflowing with longing.

Tuesday was using this wooden (!) knife set.

There were these amazing doll houses on Wednesday. (Text in French, but basically it just says this guy has devoted his life to making incredibly detailed – and awesome – doll houses).

I also read this article on Lifehacker – one of my favourite sites – which gives a nice summary of how to be more positive.

And a GIF-guide to the moonwalk.

© Eirik Solheim – A photo made from 365 slices, one for every day of the year.

Thursday was a rather quiet day, so here’s a not so quiet song that I like. I’ve been listening to it for about two hours now (on Friday, that is… cheating there).

Who would not want to take the subway when everything looks this awesome? Friday or no Friday.

And ending the week on a very happy note: I got tickets for Tom Odell’s concert in Amsterdam! Yay – super excited 😀

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

1 thought on “Tiny Awesome Things This Week

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